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Cycle Class Experience

Instructor-led stationary group cycle classes designed for all levels to provide an incredible cardio workout and create a fun, high-energy atmosphere.

Cycle & Strength Fusion

Combine the benefits of cycling with strength training exercises for a full-body workout that builds strength, burns calories, and increases overall fitness.

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Crossfit Class

Full Body Circuit

Get ready to work all major muscle groups in this high-intensity circuit training class. You'll sweat, burn calories, and leave feeling stronger than ever.

Stretch & Relax

Take a break from your hectic day and indulge in our Stretch & Relax class. This gentle session focuses on flexibility, mobility, and relaxation, helping you unwind and de-stress.


Class Packages

  • X1 Group Class

    Includes all Group Classes
    Valid for one month
  • X10 Group Class Package

    Includes all Group Classes
    Valid for 4 months
  • X5 Group Class Package

    Includes all Group Classes
    Valid for 3 months

Class Schedule

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